Westminster Wedding

Photographer Franck Cyktor contacted me via my facebook page to arrange a Bridal shoot in Westminster, London.  He'd come across my profile on Model Mayhem.

As I didn't have this genre in my portfolio, I thought this would be a great opportunity.  I scanned the images on Franck's facebook then his website and they were stunning! 

 As he was flying over from France he'd asked if I could possibly source a suitable wedding dress and a Groom!!

Bradleigh, my boyfriend is also a fellow model, so the Groom part was easy!

The wedding dress was graciously given on loan by a local wedding dress shop Boulevard Bridal Boutique, in Earls Colne, Essex.



We had some interesting looks as we got changed into our bridal garments on the train ride up to Westminster, especially as Brad put on a great strip tease for our fellow travelers to everyone's amusement.

First stop was Westminister Bridge.  There was a group of people filming a Bollywood movie at the same location, we must have looked like a pair of extras! 

It was an amazing shoot, we had so many people stopping us to congratulate us on our wedding (although they looked pretty disappointed when they looked back over their shoulders, only to see me looking like a stegosaurus with clothes pegs holding my dress in place!)  In the end, we just graciously said 'Thank you' and hid the offending pegs!